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Bob has to be the biggest hater of mornings, even though he has no work to go to, no school or anything in particular to do. He's just not a morning pooch at all. But morning Bob is my favourite Bob, because he's all sleepy and cuddly and just rolls around looking cute and trying to convince you to let him have an extra 40 minutes in bed. Such a cutie. Today's Blogtober post is Bob's morning routine, and it's not very complex!

My alarm clock goes off, and I wake up to start checking bits and bobs on my phone. Bob is usually rolled so his back is to me and he's facing the wall. Maybe he thinks we might forget that he's there and leave him in bed all day?

I get out of bed and start her morning routine. I usually give Bob a cuddle, but partly it's an attempt to get him to wake up. He usually refuses to open his eyes so the sleep doesn't go away. 

I come back upstairs from being downstairs, starting my breakfast and whatnot. Bob will have got away with staying in bed for another five minutes. He rolls around, stretching his legs out first, and then rubbing them over his eyes for optimal cuteness. This usually buys him another five minutes in bed, because he is so darn cute!

Mum and I spend a good amount of time shouting for Bob from downstairs, but I swear he pretends to be deaf and cannot hear us. Eventually one of us will go up, and give him more cuddles and attention to try and wake him up. 

After all this time, he finally gives in and goes downstairs. Mum puts his breakfast out, but he has other plans... chasing his ball like a loon.  

After spending fifteen minutes going mad and chasing his ball (his newest trick is to bury it in the throw on the sofa, then have to find it and get it out again), he's well and truly and completely awake  and ready for breakfast and the day.

I wish my morning routine was as simple as Bob's,

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