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My favourite thing, by far, about Autumn is wrapping up all warm and cosy in coats and scarves, and braving the windy, chilly weather. Especially with Bob, it means there's no escape from having to leave the warm indoors, because the pooch always needs a walk. So, even though here today it was sunny and blue skies, I fished out my cosiest Autumn clothes and looked at my Autumn Fashion Wishlist. 

1. Cosy coats
In particular, my new Florence and Fred coat from Tesco. I like to buy a new coat every year, if I can, and this year I've gone for a light grey, fluffy-ish material one, which I'm hoping will be nice for casual use, but also for parties and possibly work. 

2. Big, woolly jumpers
I've been collecting these slowly over the year, and finally it's time to get them all out! My fave place to be looking at at the moment is ASOS, where my cream, baggy-sleeved jumper. 

3. Boots
I'm not usually a boots person, I much prefer to have more open shoes. I compromised with these open-sided boots, which I bought last year, from Miss Selfridge.  

4. Knitted scarves
The bigger the better, with scarves. I'm a big fan of knitted, long, comfy scarves that you can wrap around and around to keep the warm in. 

5. Woolly pom-pom hats
Keep your head and your ears warm. And I hear a pom-pom on the top keeps you doubly as warm... maybe!

And those are the main bits and bobs from my Autumn fashion wishlist. Obviously, this month in particular there should be some Halloween items on my wishlist, but there's a few Halloween themed posts coming up a bit later in the month. 

Until then, 

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