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Not long now until the nights draw in and it's time to get cosy in the evenings with blankets, pillows and a lovely film. And between this Autumny time and Halloween I like to add a few cosy bits and bobs to my room, just to remind myself that it's no longer Summer, and it's time to get cosy. This are the four Autumn inspired things that I've added to my room so far... 

1. Conkers
Conkers in jars to aim to keep out the infestation of spiders that come into my room every night. One of those ideas you see on Pinterest constantly, so watch this space. 

2. Fairy lights
Not just for Christmas. When it gets dark I like to switch my big light off, and switch on the bedside lamp and fairy lights around the room. Looks pretty, and saves electricity bills as most of them are battery powered. 

3. Plants that don't mind the cold
I love having plants in my room, but in the colder months it's nicer to have plants that you know don't mind not having as much sunshine. 

4. Autumn smelling candles
This year's choice is White Pumpkin from TK Maxx. I had no idea of the amazing candles there are in TK Maxx until recently, and I am shopping for all my candles there in the future, for sure!

5. Furry throw
Faux fur, of course. I bought this a couple of years ago from Sainsburys, and it's the cosiest thing I've ever bought. It's perfect for wrapping up in on the sofa, or as an extra layer on cold nights. I highly recommend.

And that's the four items that I've added to my bedroom now that it's Autumn. I am so ready for the cosy nights in my cosy bedroom.

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