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Last week, on my Instagram account, I hinted that I would be introducing you to someone very exciting. With a photo of a grey paw, it didn't take a lot to guess who (or what) it is that I'm introducing you to. I also told you that, sadly, we lost our pooch, Jester, a few months ago, which we were all really heartbroken by. He'd been our loveable pet for nearly fifteen years, and it was a very sad decision to lose him. We all said that we wouldn't want another pooch for a while, but things happened, and we ended up with a new dog in our house. And he's lovely. 

Meet Bob, our Beddlington-Whippet Cross. He likes digging in the garden, stealing balls of wall from my mum's shop, and chasing his rubber ball around. He's not a big lover of snacks and treats, or being brushed, but he's very cuddly and loving. As soon as we picked him up, he cuddled up to me in the car on the way home, and just fell asleep on my lap, as if he'd been ours for years already. 

To introduce Bob a little better I've made and uploaded a video of his first week with us, which is now on YouTube. I'm very biased, but I love the video and I've been watching it on repeat, just because I love how cheeky Bob is, and his funny looks that he constantly gives everyone (and everything!). 

Please give it a watch, and I hope you fall in love with him as quickly as I did. 

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  1. He is absolutely gorgeous - he seems like he has such a great personality. I love him.
    The video was great, babe! Really well put together.

    1. Thank you so much, he is a cheeky boy. And thank you, it's all a bit of practice at the moment, so it's good to get good feedback on it! :)


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