Summer Bucket List 2017


It's that time of the year again, when I start getting the Summer bug and getting excited for the sunny days to come. Every year I write myself a little Summer Bucket List of things that I want to do this Summer (here's last year's list), so I've reached that point again where I'm ready to compile my 2017 Summer Bucket List. I feel like I've already had my Summer, what with finishing uni earlier than most other people and with all the sunshine we've been having (which has now conveniently made itself scarce).

1. Go on a holiday
I'm not holding out my hopes for a sunny, abroad holiday anywhere exotic, but it would be lovely to treat myself to a few days somewhere different. To be honest, even a couple of days would be lovely.

2. Read a book
I couldn't tell you the last time I read a book from start to finish - probably last Summer! I need to find myself an interesting read, finish it off, then I'll be happy.

3. Work
Boring boring boring, but so needed after four years of university. Save up some moneys for the rest of Summer and my next adventure.

4. Go on a bike ride
My bike hasn't been used in a few years, so it's my Summer target to spend a day riding around the countryside on it.

5. Get into running
I started with a one mile run a couple of days ago, but, honestly, after going so long with doing any exercise after rowing ended I haven't walked properly since then. It's definitely something that I need to work my way back into!

6. Catch up with my friends
Home and away friends, I haven't seen anyone outside of uni in so long. A catch up with everyone is very much needed!

7. Visit home-home
It's been so long since I ventured out of Bournemouth back to Wiltshire, so a trip home is needed too.

8. Get the camera back out
And have another rethink of my photography. I used to love photography and take my camera everywhere - then my camera broke and I went to my phone. Phone or not phone, I want to spend the Summer getting back into the photography habit. 

9. Treat myself more
Even if it's having a day out in my town, or spending a day watching a series in bed, take some time for me to have a little bit of treat time. 

10. Keep up with the blogging...
And spend a bit of focus of the social media side of it. If you want to follow me on my social media sites, you can find my Instagram here, and my Facebook page here.... hopefully there'll be more on them soon, so please bear with me and give me a follow. 

And that's it for now, a few bits and bobs may get added throughout the Summer, but I'm hoping that I'm going to be so busy with working and saving up money that I won't need a lot of things to do.

What's on your Summer bucket list?

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