Home Made Marshmallows in Brighton


 I learnt something on my first visit to Brighton... home made marshmallows are delicious. This week I was driving around the East side of the country where I don't usually venture, and while adventuring around I popped over towards Brighton to see Rob for a day and an evening. It wasn't the sunniest of days, but it was a fun day out. We didn't do a lot either, but, having never been to Brighton before, it was fun to just look around the shops in the lanes (Choccywoccydoodah and a shop dedicated to rubber ducks were probably the highlights).

 We stopped for a coffee and a hot chocolate in Sugardough, a cafe in the lanes. Very yummy, especially the home made marshmallows, and the lovely wall decorated with baking tins.

 I definitely want to make another visit to Brighton one day, hopefully on a sunny day next time. 

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