Glow: 5 '80s Films You Should Watch after Glow


I have a confession to make... I watched the whole series of GLOW on Netflix in two evenings. I even renewed my Netflix just to watch it, and then deleted it again after I had. No regrets though. It was amazing. For anyone who hasn't seen or heard of it yet, GLOW is about a group of women who take part in a women's wrestling tv show, obviously with their own storylines and twists in the background. After spending my two evenings fully emersed in the '80s set up of GLOW, I felt inspired to look at the '80s films that are a must watch... 

1. The Breakfast Club
I've only watched it once, but this is such an easy little film to watch. Pretty much all based in one place, you don't have to think too much, but the characters are so interesting and unique. 

2. Beverly Hills Cops
This is one of my favourites on this list, I find it so funny. Eddie Murphy is top notch in this film, I love it. 

3. Dirty Dancing
Would it even be an '80's movies list if Dirty Dancing wasn't on it?

4. Indian Jones and the Last Crusade
So, not set in the '80s, but still a classic film from the '80s that should make the list. 

5. Ghostbusters
Another one of my favourites. Bill Murray makes this film, I find him hilarious. Definitely worth a watch, even if you are scared of ghosts!

What do you think of my list of 5 '80s films, have I missed out any of your favourites? 

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