A Visit Home Before Moving Home


Last weekend I took a little day trip home with a few of my bits and bobs from uni. Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be making the move home from uni life for the final time, but over the last few years I've managed to accumulate so much stuff because I've always had two bedrooms to keep it in. Now is when I'm going to realise how much stuff I have! I took my first trip home last weekend to start the move, and of course stop in and see the animals. 

 Kevin (the tortoise) was particularly alert on this day. You probably won't believe me, but he was running (well, the tortoise version of running) around the garden, looking for plants to eat, and trying to work out why his ramp into the house wasn't there anymore (we take the ramp away to keep him out in the sunshine). I also took the day to have a bit of a relax in the garden in the sunshine. 

And then headed to my dad's to say hello to Tabby-cat, who was as pleased as ever to see me. (Saski was also around, but in a bit of a grump - probably because she soaks up the heat). 

It's lovely to pop home, but you may have noticed an absence of one of the usual home animals in this post - Jester-pooch. 

Unfortunately a week or so ago we said goodbye to Jester, and it's been a hard job working out a way to post about it to let everyone know. He was a very old boy, and had a very happy and full life with us, and we all loved him dearly, so we're all very sad to lose him. But it's comforting to think that he's been reunited with his brother, Charlie, who we lost a few years ago. They were the best of friends, and Jester was devastated when he passed, so hopefully they're together again somewhere. 

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