30 Before 30 Revisit


Two years ago I wrote myself a list of things to do, called '30 Before 30' (see it here), but, having had two years go by and a lot of changes, my list of 30 things to do has also changed a little. So, I thought, now that I'm over the halfway mark of 20 towards the deadline of 30, that I would revisit it now and see what I've managed to do already, and what I would add on instead of a few others. 

Done and Done

1. Get a degree
I received the exciting letter last week that told me I'd passed my four year degree with a 2:1. Probably the biggest one on my list, and the one I'm most pleased to see completed. (See the post here)

2. Be a bridesmaid
Since I was little I'd always wanted to be a bridesmaid. Last year I was the bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding. It was the best wedding I'd been to, and definitely ticked this one of the list. (See the post here)

3. Row in Henley Women's Regatta
Ticked off twice, thank you very much. (See the post here)

4. Drink more water
A really boring, but important one, and something I've definitely worked on. 

5. Wear a floor-length dress
Finally found an excuse to wear a floor length gown, and felt fabulous.

6. Stop biting my nails - half done
I have the strangest looking hands at the moment, I've been taking the steps to stop biting my nails one at a time. It's working great, but it means that I currently have three long nails on each hand, and two bitten nails next to them. 

To Do...

7. Visit Asia
Previously I wanted to visit Thailand, but now I would love to go anywhere in Asia, explore the culture. 

8. Visit America
I wouldn't know where to start with this one, where to go first, but America is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. 

9. Upgrade my car
Yep, I'm still driving in the same car that I wanted to upgrade from last time. I love my retro, beaten up car, but I'm not sure it's going to make it to my 30th birthday somehow. 

10. See more of Europe
So far I've been to Florence, Sardinia and Barcelona. I'd love to add more countries to the list. 

11. Get back into photography
I feel like I'm on the way with this one, but there's still space. As soon as I can fix my camera I'll be back on it.

12. Cycle from London to Brighton
In the charity cycle ride that they organise every year. 

13. Expand my recipe list
I've added a few more to my list, but a few more on top of those wouldn't hurt. 

14. Continue to blog 
This made the list last time, and so far so good. 

15. Complete a 365 project
Watch this space, next year perhaps. 

16. Try paddle boarding
For the fitness, and the cool Instagrams. 

17. Get an Events Management related job
Might as well put that degree to good use, and do something I love. 

18. Be a tourist in London
All this travelling is very exciting, but I've never even explored much of London. I'd love to spend a day exploring all the touristy things London has to offer. 

19. Be able to run 10k
Without stopping, quite a big challenge for a non-runner like myself. My sport is sitting down based... 

20. Explore more of the UK
Like the London one, I haven't ventured around the UK much. I'm not sure I've even been into Scotland. 

21. Go to another festival
Not necessarily this year, and I don't particularly have a festival preference - any recommendations? 

22. Buy a new camera
This should go with the photography one really, but buy myself a new camera. Wanted and needed! 

23. Move out of home
Properly, not just for uni. 

24. Buy a new handbag
A really nice one. Not a cheapy one that breaks two weeks in, like all the other handbags I've bought.

25. Live somewhere new
So not Devizes, and not Bournemouth. Time for a change of scenery. 

26. Buy a new pair of glasses
Really, really boring, but the last time I bought glasses, my eyesight was about three levels (or whatever you'd call them) better. 

27. Revamp my wardrobe
I'll be busy on eBay later this week, making space for my new wardrobe (hopefully!)

28. Buy jewellery
Since the last time, when wearing more jewellery was on my list, things have gone from bad to worse. I started wearing a bumblebee necklace, and then lost it, so now do I not only not wear jewellery, I also don't actually own any. Bummer. 

29. Fill up another £2 savings pot
Last week I smashed open a savings pot that I'd only been putting £2 coins in since my first year at uni. I used £5 of the savings to buy myself a new pot and started again. 

30. Stay in contact with my uni friends
Uni is over, and it's really sad. But the best thing from uni has been the people, so it's important to keep in contact with the great people I've met. 

And that's my new and updated list of 30 before 30, a new set of challenges. Wish me luck!

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