Just Another Beach Day


Days like the sunny days we've been having lately would be a waste if you didn't spend a few of them at the seaside. Pretty much everyone in Bournemouth has (finally) finished uni now, and can (finally!) come out and hang out with me. 

 I was out to have a proper beach-day experience. I had Harry Ramsden's to go (battered sausage and chips, yum yum yum!), and finished it off with an ice-cream. For once, I actually plucked up enough courage to swim in the sea  (I even got my hair wet, so brave!), and applied sun cream about forty times, being paranoid of sunburn! 

The views walking up the zig-zags back to the car are beautiful, almost make it worth parking further away so you have to see them. I can't not point out that half of these next photos aren't edited other than being cropped... 

 Bournemouth is beautiful, and it's posts like these that remind me of how hard it's going to be leaving it once I'm all finished in Bournemouth. But for now, all that's left to do is enjoy it. 

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