It's My Birthday!


Birthday's are a funny thing, in a way. It's great to have a day that's all about you, you get presents and everyone wishes you a happy day. But I always think that it's good that everyday isn't your birthday as well. 

I'm 25 today, and, God, I feel old. I'm not a drama queen about it, saying that I'm old already. But being at uni, and having started 3 years after I should of done, I'm constantly surrounded by much younger people. And, now that I'm final year, and a whole another year older, it's starting to sink in a little. But that's enough of that!

I've had possibly the most chilled out birthday ever. I woke up later than I'd planned - Rob and I had gone to the cinema last night to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (I highly recommend!) and then stayed at mine, so we were both tired and had a bit of a lie in. I had no uni today, so I decided to stay in, cook myself a lovely (not at all healthy) breakfast with Elle, and then we sat on her bed and worked on our dissertations together, waiting for the postman to arrive - my favourite thing about birthdays. Because I haven't had a chance in weeks to see my mum or dad I didn't have my presents from them, so I'm might hold back on a little showing of what I got. But I did get some lovely prezzies from my friends, which was a lovely surprise!

Then, all I did for the rest of the day was finish my dissertation, print it out, take a photo with it on the beach (any Bournemouth student will know the urge), and organised a meal with a few of my friends. It's been so much fun (even finishing the dissetation was a treat!). 

And that's that for another year. Doesn't it fly by!

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