Blue Skies (at last....)


I never get bored of living in Bournemouth, and it's starting to sink in that I have just over one month left (potentially) of living here. And that makes me really sad. Imagine not living ten minutes away from the beach anymore - how am I going to cope? 

Talking to my dad this weekend, I realised that he's probably going to miss me living in Bournemouth as well. He popped to Bournemouth yesterday afternoon to see me for my birthday (yes, guys, another day squeezed out of my birthday week! Winning!), and go out to celebrate with him. It was 17oC at some points today, the first day I think that I've been able to leave the house in a skirt without tights on. It was amazing. Summer, I've missed you! 

Bournemouth has a big ferris wheel by the seafront at the moment, and my dad's been eyeing it up for a while, so we took the excuse of it (sort of) being my birthday still, and jumped on. If you're in Bournemouth at all this is definitely worth a trip, Bournemouth is beautiful from above. I'm hugely biased, I've become an unofficial cheerleader for Bournemouth over the last four years, but honestly, it was blue skies and blue sea as far as the eye could see today. 

 And if you don't have an ice-cream, did you even go to the seaside? I think not! I did my usual fussy-eater thing and had my chocolate ice-cream in a little bowl (I don't like cones), and I tried to snap a piccy of dad's raspberry ripple cone, but it was gone by the time I got round to it...

 If you're taking requests, more days like today please Mr Sunshine, 

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