Birthday Brownie


I've managed to stretch my birthday out for just under a week so far, but it's coming to a slow and steady end. I've had a lovely time and have been treated so much by all my friends. But, I couldn't end my birthday week without sharing this brownie with you. Rob took me to a beachside restaurant in Boscombe, called Urban Reef, and it's lovely. If you're ever in this end of town, please check it out, even if only for a drink on the wooden deck overlooking the sandy beach. It's beautiful. 

We both ordered the burger, with hand cooked chips and coleslaw, and then chocolate brownie with maple syrup ice-cream and biscuit crumblies (probably not the official name for them, but the name I made). It was delish! I wish I had taken more photos of the meal, but I was so enthused in it that I completely forgot. Sorry bout that! 

But please enjoy this chocolate brownie instead,

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