A Very Busy Saturday and a Very Lazy Sunday


Yesterday was a very important day in the rowing world... WEHORR! It's the biggest female-only rowing event in Europe, and sees all-female crews from all over Europe come to compete in an exhausting 7k stretch of the Thames. It's exhausting, you feel like your stomach is going to come up afterwards, but it's by far my favourite race of the entire year (although, I may be among a small few who agree!). It's amazing, and yesterday was my favourite race I've ever competed in! 

I was in the A boat for Bournemouth University with eight other girls who had been training hard, rowing for weeks, and one who had been practising her shouting and race calls. More than 300 other crews had turned up, filling up the water, honestly, you've never seen so many boats on the Thames! It's a strange race, because you get on the water about two hours before your race begins, so you have to layer up, take snacks and brace yourself for a long wait in the cold. But for the first time yesterday it was sunny, and coats weren't needed.On our way down we over took two crews, and took another two across the finish line, it was amazing. 

As you can imagine, I woke up today feeling tuckered out and hard-worked, so it was a perfect day for a little bit of an energy-catch up. I made myself a yummy breakfast (more around lunchtime though) of scrambled egg on toast, and a satsuma for pudd (and a chocolate bar, but that's just between us!). I spent the day catching up on tv series' on Hayu, watching a bit of YouTube, and just generally mooching around the house. 

I also had a relaxing bubbly bath with a face-mask, and propped up my laptop on a side table to re-watch 101 Dalmatians again... I love that film! 

And now I'm getting ready for a bit of a night out to celebrate yesterday's race. Good job I spent today catching up! 

Bye for now,

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