A Few London Snaps


It's been a bit absent on the blogging front lately, what with rowing races, training days... and of course, the dreaded final year dissertation (boo!). So, as a little filler blog before I finally get round to sorting out my February Favourites (at this rate they might end up merging with the March faves!), I thought I'd share a few quick snaps from my recent London trip. I popped up for the day yesterday for an interview in Soho, and met up with Chelsea, and just about managed to find a few photo opportunities. 

 How great is this bathroom art? I loved it!

The sky is making me think that Spring is nearly here, and that makes me feel all warm and happy inside. I'm so excited for the day that I can walk out the house without wrapping up like a yeti! 

Hurry up, Spring!

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