Winter Beach Day


I had a lovely surprise today when I arrived home from rowing to find a furry friend waiting at my door. It was Jester, and he was looking for a beach day. And it was literally the coldest, greyest day I think I've ever spent at the beach, and there was not a lot of people who had made the same choice that we had. 

Halfway on our walk Jester found himself a little sandy hole that someone else had started digging, and decided to help them out with it.

 We went to the Harvester on the seafront, because it was really the only place where we could eat outside with Jester. We were the only people eating outside, it was so chilly, but, being practised dog owners, we were prepared and wrapped up as warm as hotcakes (that's the first thing I thought of, hotcakes). I had the mixed grill, which was huuuuuuge!

And that was our lovely, but chilly, day on the beach. If you're ever in Bournemouth, and you've been wise enough to wrap up warm, I really recommend taking a walk on the beach, it was lovely. 

Good idea, Jester!

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