Happy 2nd Birthday, Katy Louise Blog!


I was so busy last week that I missed my blog's 2nd birthday! So tonight, my housemate and I decided to have a little cake celebration to make up for it, chocolate cake, party poppers and all. A year ago, when my blog turned one, I sat in my room with a candle in an eclair to celebrate, thinking my blog was getting me through a stressful year and ready to not be surprised if it stopped once all my friends came back to uni for our busy final year. And it has been a bit up and down on the blogging front this year, but it's still so much fun and I love every minute of it!

This year has had a lot of new things for the blog. I learnt how to check my emails, so that was a bonus (and also meant I had a year of unread emails to catch up on). I started holiday diaries, seeing as I actually went on a couple of holidays this year, and of course the week-long diary to make up for a long period of being blog-absent. And then to finish off last year I did Blogmas, and actually completed it, which was surprising for everyone I think! 

So, for the next year let's hope it carries on! 

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