I took so many photos on Jester's visit at the weekend that I had to split my day into two different posts, and this is the second one. After we'd been to the beach and eaten lunch, we decided to walk the long way back to the car, through the park, and past the aviary, which is lovely if you're ever in Bournemouth. They have multi-coloured birds, and it's probably the nosiest place in town.

I find it really relaxing to go to the aviary, the birds are so busy flapping around and chirping at each other, it's really nice to just take a few minutes out of your day and go and watch them. Although, Jester didn't seem so impressed...

 After watching the birds we walked through the rest of the park to get back to the car, and watched everyone feeding the squirrels.

 And that was another part of a lovely day with Jester. Jester visiting is my favourite thing ever, he's such a cutie! And no matter how stressed or busy I am, a cuddle from the pooch always cheers me up. 

Until next time,

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