10,000 Page Views!


A couple of weeks ago my blog turned two-years old, and last week it hit another milestone... 10,000 page views! To a few bloggers that may not seem like many, but for me it's a big deal, and I'm really happy! I've always been very on-off with my blogging, sorry about that... some weeks there's more blog posts than days, other weeks you don't hear from me at all, it's very up and down. So to finally get on it and reach 10,000 page views is really nice. 

A big thank you again to all you guys who have had a look at my blog at some point, and read a post or two... and a reeeeaaally big thank you to those of you who have come by again! I've got a few blog posts in the plan for the next few weeks, so I just need to get my butt in gear when I have five minutes between working on my diss and rowing training! 

Now, if anyone knows what to do with two massive number balloons, let me know,

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