Lisbon Diaries - Day 4


Day four was our last day, and time to leave sunny Lisbon. But before we left, we still had a day to fill with last minute sightseeing and to get some Portuguese food. We headed, first, to a venue for another talk, and then headed to a monastery for a guided tour. We were all feeling pretty rough, due to the last night celebrations the night before, and the blue sky was absent today, thanks to the clouds and fog that was coming in, but luckily our plans for the day didn't rely on the weather.

The monastery was lovely, and, for someone who isn't usually interested in this sort of thing, I found it quite interesting and pretty. After the tour we headed to a local cafe for a tea (because tea is important wherever you are in the world!), sausage rolls, and the Lisbon speciality, custard tarts.

 And that was the end of our Lisbon trip. The town is beautiful, and if you're looking for a holiday location that's historic and scenic, Lisbon could be the place for you. On the plus side as well, it was a fairly cheap holiday when it came to food and drink, and the journey to get there isn't too long either. 

Tchau for now, Lisbon,

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