Lisbon Diaries - Day 2


Whatever holiday it is, the weather is the deal breaker. If you're skiing you want snow, if you beaching it you want sunshine and heat. In January I don't expect it to be hot weather anywhere I go, but the best thing about my visit to Lisbon was a break from the grey skies and fog of the UK. Honestly, my Snapchat was full of fog so thick you couldn't see the top of buildings, it made me feel so much better.

My second day in Lisbon was spent really appreciating the weather, on a coach. Although the skies were blue and the sun was out, it was still jumper weather, so I was more than happy to look at the views from the coach. 

 After our coach ride, a few event-related talks, and some venue-admiring, we were left to our own devices to sort out our dinner. We decided to head to Time Out Market, which was one of the most amazing food places I've ever been to.

 Time Out Market is a huge hall with different food stands around the edges of the room, tables and a bar in the middle. You can get pretty much any type of food, from burgers to an octopus hotdog (which is literally an octopus tentacle in a hotdog bun... I wasn't quite adventurous enough to try that this time round), which is great if you're in a group of friends who all fancy different things. I went for a rather tame chicken and seasoned fries, which was delicious anyway.

 To end the evening we all headed to a cocktail bar and treated ourselves to a drink. Tonight wasn't about partying hard or moving on to anywhere else after, so we headed home after to catch up on our sleep ready for the next day.

And that was that for day two of my Lisbon getaway. It may have been a uni-related trip, but what's the point in going away anywhere if you don't make the most of the weather and the food breaks/cocktail breaks, eh? 

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