Lisbon Diaries - Day 1


A few days ago I posted a photo on Instagram and asked if you could guess where I was... well, here's the first of four holiday diaries, fresh from... Lisbon! I've just been lucky enough to enjoy three days in sunny Lisbon, Portugal, as part of my uni degree, and it's been a lovely, well-needed break. For someone who doesn't travel often, especially not abroad, somewhere like Portugal is perfect... it's not a long trip, there's lot's to keep you occupied, and it's a fairly similar to the UK temperature wise, so it's easy to pack for. As it was a uni trip for my Events Management course, a lot of our day was spent looking around venues and listening to lectures and talks about events in the area, so I'll try not to bore you with those details. 

When we arrived at the airport, mum, dad and I had time for a hot-chocolate stop in the airport's Caffe Nero. I was meeting the group there, so my nerves were a little on edge, but we managed to find everyone, hug goodbye, and I checked myself into an airport for the first time in five years. 

When we arrived in Lisbon there wasn't much time for anything after we'd dropped our bags off at our hostel, so a group of us took a little wander to look for somewhere for dinner.

 We finally settled on a little Portugese restaurant that was like sitting in someone's living room, with photos up on the walls and flowers on the tables. My first meal in Portual was beef, baked sweet potatoes and a side salad.

 After dinner we found ourselves an Irish bar (I'm convinced that every city in the world has one!) and had a few drinks, then headed to the next door club, where we danced until 2am to salsa music and Beyonce (at our request). 

 For the first half-a-day in Portugal, we had a lovely time, and headed back to our hostel, tired and feet already aching. We managed to find our hostel (after walking up and down several streets that looked the same and asking for directions in a hotel) and get into bed for around half past three in the morning. 

Day two will be coming tomorrow, and it's a little more interesting than today's post... mainly because it's contains blue skies and sunshine! 

Tchau for now!

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