2017 - What Do You Want to See?


I arrived back at uni yesterday, sorted out all my stuff, gave my new bits and bobs from Christmas new homes, and settled down to try and get back into my uni life routine. After being at home-home for a few weeks, it's weird being back at uni. Not all my friends are back yet, so it's very quiet... and I already miss Jester-pooch a little... well, a lot! But, hey ho, uni life is still great fun, even when it is just sitting in my room, working my way through all my Christmas chocolates, and watching South Park (my new guilty pleasure, btw!). 

Before I jump into blogging for 2017, I want to ask... is there anything you want to see from me? 

I've tried to do a mixture of posts, experimenting with different types of blogging, and have started to find what works for me personally. I've tried make-up tutorials, look books, a bit of baking, but what do you want to see? More rowing, more uni life posts? 

If there's any ideas you have, please let me know, either comment or message me, and I'll see what I can do! 

Look forward to hearing from you,

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