You Know It's Christmas When... | Blogmas Day 1


It's officially December, which means it's now acceptable to start the Christmas celebrations. And I have a little announcement to make... I'm doing Blogmas this year! I've never attempted Blogmas before, so hopefully it won't be too stressful and I'll have enough time. But I thought I'd give it a go, see what happens, and get myself really in the mood for Christmas this year! To kickstart it, I've compiled (ooh, fancy) a few things that happen every year that make me really feel like it's Christmas...

1. Day one on the Advent Calendar Opens
You're never too old for an advent calendar, and I still treat myself to one every year. This year's is from Poundland (my budget is low this year) but chocolate is chocolate... and when else can you justify having chocolate before breakfast?!

2. The Christmas Jumpers come out of the back of the wardrobe
I've gathered quite a collection of Christmas jumpers over the years, this year is the first year that I don't really need to buy one (although, I probably still will at some point!). You can't beat a tacky Christmas jumper. It doesn't matter who you are, you look so much cuter in a cosy Christmas jumper. And I love it! Fave part of the year!

3. The Starbucks cups get a makeover
I love the red cups this year, they're so cute. I've been guilty already of Instagramming my study day with a Christmas Starbucks cup in the frame... #noregrets

4. The night in the club ends with Mariah Carey
I don't know what the clubs you go to end the night with, but the clubs in Bournemouth always see in 4am with All I Want for Christmas is You. That's when you know you've made it to the end of the night and it's time to hit the chicken nugget shop and stagger home.

5. The Christmas Yankee candles get lit
This year's choices are a Christmas Tree scent, Christmas Cake, and Cinnamon. Yum yum! 

7. I start my Christmas wrapping thingy-bob hoarding
I get an obsession with buying ribbons, wrapping paper, those sticky rosette things... and only use half of it, put it away to use next year, and then do exactly the same thing again. It's a never ending circle.

8. Blogmas starts! 
As I mentioned, I've never attempted this before, but I always love watching the Christmas vlogs and reading blog posts in December. Fingers crossed I make it to the 25th! 

Wish me luck, 

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