What I Got for Christmas


...besides an extra bit of padding around the tummy area! I don't think I've ever been given so many chocolate selection boxes in my life... no complaints there though! Rather than show you fifty different types of chocolate that you could've been given over Christmas, I've decided to just show you a few of the other presents I was given for Christmas this year...

I knew I was getting this Zara bag because I chose it and ordered it, but it's so lovely! I never knew you could love an object so much! It's a really tiny bag, I can't fit anything more than some money, my card and my phone (which I have to put in at the right angle too), but it's all I really need when I go shopping or to a nice meal or something. Love it! 

I also got a 'K' candle. These were the candles I mentioned in my Secret Santa ideas post, and I got one in my stocking. It smells amazing, like Grapefruit and Ginger. I think I put the link before, but here it is again if you'd like to get one.

My main present from my Mum this year was a complete surprise, but amazing. I opened up this little Polaroid Cube, which is a bit like a GoPro, but you work it with an app on your phone. I had no idea I was getting this, so it was a great surprise. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, other than a few experimental selfies, but I can't wait. 

I also go a pink polo neck jumper, which is so comfy. It has a loose neck, and really baggy sleeves, which is the kind of jumpers I like. I don't usually go for pink (other than the dungaree dress I'm wearing today), but this jumper is really cute and cosy. Plus, I was given a New Look gift card, so more jumpers, here I come!

My dad gave me this book, which I'd seen online and asked for. It's by Darcy Miller and is all her advice for making your events, like birthday parties and things, unique and creative. It's such a lovely book, there's so many photographs, and she has some really cute inspiration. I love books like this. 

And finally, I got a ton of body lotions, bath creams and pampering goodies, including an English Rose scented set from the Body Shop. 

I was so lucky this year, everyone bought me such lovely things, I've only included a few of them on here. The plan for the rest of my day is to hit the January sales, then in a few days I have a Winter wedding to go to, and then it's new years, just like that! 

Better start thinking of my new year's resolutions, 

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