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Secret Santa is one of the most fun festive things about this time of year, but it can be hard to know where to start looking for a prezzie for your nominee, especially if you've set a budget. I've made this little post to give you a few ideas if you need them - I was going to do a lovely flatlay of some of the things I've bought people already, but I got scared that they might look at this post, and I wimped out! 

LUSH is the place to go if you're all out of ideas for your Secret Santa. They do amazing little gift boxes, and some of them start from really low prices too. Failing this, you can make your own little gift packs using the lip sugars, bath bombs, and soaps they sell. My personal favourite is the Reindeer Rock soap (hint hint!). 

2. Socks
Everyone needs socks! And you can get some brilliantly cheesy Christmas socks online this year! I've gone with a lovely furry bear pair from the Sock Shop, just Christmassy enough for a Secret Santa prezzie, but suitable enough to wear all year!

3. Candles
Marks and Spencer this year are selling lovely candles with letters on, and you can buy matching candle plates. They're lovely, they have different designs for different letters, and I've stocked up on a few letters for a few people.

4. Christmas Decorations
It's so cute to give them a gift that they can use to decorate their festive home. A wrapped up special bauble or even a personalised one is so sweet as a secret Santa. 

5. Winter Warmers
Something cosy for them to wear, like a wooly hat or scarf, or a lovely warm pair of knitted gloves is so sweet as a Winter present. 

6. Christmas Stockings
This was a really clever gift I received from my Secret Santa a few year's ago. Our budget was a bit more, about £15 I think, but rather than wrapping up a present for me, my secret Santa filled a Christmas stocking with lot's of little presents, like sweets and socks and things. Really clever idea! 

And that's just a few ideas, obviously there's lot's more things you could do. What prezzies are you buying your Secret Santa's this year? 


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