New Year's Resolutions 2017


I can't believe 2016 is over, I'm not sure if it's dragged or flown by. It's been a pretty crappy year, everyone seems to agree, but I had a pretty awful start to the year. Luckily, but the end it had all sorted itself out again, and I've ended it on a bit of a high, and all ready to make my resolutions for the next twelve months. 

1. Stop biting my nails... the last four
I've managed to completely stop biting six of my nails now, and they've grown all pretty and ready to be painted. But I still have my little fingers and my ring fingers to go. Twelve months to do it in, shouldn't be too stressful... right? 

2. Eat healthy... no, really this time!
I have a bunch of recipe books, and some yummy Instagram account inspiration, so this ones going to need a kickstart and then I'm (hopefully) away! 

3. Stop saying no to fun
I had a bit of a turnaround this year, when all my friends were going on nights out or having houseparties, and I was invited out so many times for this one night. But I had an early morning training session, so I said no to all of them... and have never regretted anything more! I got so many Snapchats, heard so many fun stories, and even had a drunk visitor in the early hours of the morning. So many regrets from one night... so next time I'll say yes to the fun night out (or whatever it is), and chill on the training for one day! 

And I think that's it for this year. I always give myself so many resolutions to aim for, and then forget and don't do any of them... but this year is the year! (She says for the hundredth time). I hope you all have a lovely New Year's Eve, whatever you have planned.

And I'll see you in 2017!

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