Malibu Hot Chocolate | Blogmas Day 19


Nearly a year ago (December 25th to be precise) my dad gave me a Malibu hot chocolate making kit, and tonight I finally got it out and used it. It was also the number one thing on my Winter Bucket List to get done before Spring hits us... another one checked off the list! 

I probably wouldn't have another Malibu hot chocolate, to be honest I couldn't really taste the difference very much and it would be a lot of effort to organise without having a specific kit to make it. But nonetheless it was really yummy and lovely to have a hot chocolate to warm myself up tonight. 

 Tomorrow I'll be doing a post about the gingerbread biscuits I had with my hot chocolate, I'm not sure whether to do the recipe yet or to just show you what I made. Any preferences? 

Now I'm all filled up with yummy hot chocolate (and a dash of Malibu) I'm off to bed to sleep it off. 

Nighty night, 

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