Last Minute Prezzie Wrapping | Blogmas Day 23


Two more days to go, two more days 'til Christmas... It's so exciting, Christmas is nearly here! Tonight's job was to finish off my last minute wrapping of the prezzies, which I'd made a lame attempt at earlier in the week and come nowhere near finishing! 

This year I haven't gone for anything too adventurous in the wrapping department, so this isn't a post tutorial on wrapping or anything... I wish! Maybe next year? But I loved this wrapping paper, which I found hidden in the depths of my bedroom from a couple of years ago, and some cheapy, but effective labels.  

(P.S. yes, I have had a hair cut. How much have I lost!)

Two more blogmas posts to go, and then we can say we've made it through our first ever Blogmas on Katy Louise Blog, it's very exciting! And I can almost say that I'm ready for the big Christmas day, just a few more bits and bobs to sort out, then prezzie unwrapping can commence! 

Watch this space for the last couple of posts...

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