Gingerbread Baking | Blogmas Day 20


Yesterday I spent the day working hard, making hot chocolates and wrapping my Christmas prezzies for everyone. One of my jobs was gingerbread baking! How exciting! I wouldn't call myself anything close to a chef, I'm pretty useless when it comes to cooking anything, but these gingerbread biscuits were fairly simple, cooked pretty quick, and I chose a much easier icing design than any of the incredible biscuits I've seen online. Here's my biscuits...

 The recipe I used was from a Cooking with Cadburys book, so I haven't included the recipe on this post, but you can find some yummy looking recipes that are pretty much the same like this one. I highly recommend trying some gingerbread baking at this time of year, our whole house was smelling like Christmas yesterday afternoon. 

Anyway, my mouth is watering, and I'm fancying a trip to the kitchen to get myself some Christmas gingerbread! 

See you tomorrow for day 21 of Blogmas, 

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