Festive #TBT | Blogmas Day 15


Tomorrow I'm going to show you my Christmas night out outfit and makeup, fairy lights and all! But, for today, while I'm feeling a little bit rough, I'm spending some time having a Christmas throwback Thursday, and looking at some old (and sometimes embarrassing!) Christmas photos. The one I've put above is me and Chelsea in our sixth form/college years, when we were both living at home and going on what we thought were wild nights out at the time. Our friend took this photo, but kicked the snow up as he did and made it look like it was snowing. So festive!

Chelsea and I again, Christmas shopping this time, when there was a photo booth in the shopping centre. I think we'd driven to Bristol for the day, so we felt really grown up... until we found the photo booth that is. 

This was another photo booth thing, but at a work party at Longleat. They had all sorts of props and hats and things for you to wear and have your photo taken in, and this is what we chose.

Throwback to last year, when I dyed my hair green... it's become an annual event, it seems! This was a great night! We were attempting the '12 pubs of Christmas' where you go to 12 different pubs and have a drink in each in one night, but we were unorganised and made it to about 4 pubs I think? As a joke we convinced one of the guys that we should all do fancy dress... then didn't do fancy dress. I was in on the joke, but I couldn't resist trying to make myself look like this! 

Last year, for the Dorset Blind Association Christmas Jumper Day, I was at home with Jester and we decided to join in the festive fun. This was one of our many selfies of us wearing our Christmas jumpers to raise money for the charity. 

Another Christmas work party. We went out for a lovely meal in a local hotel, then headed to the Apres Skate bar which was open in Bournemouth at the time. This is probably the most Christmassy place in Bournemouth!

While working at Longleat a few years ago, I had a trip on the Santa Train, and this was it. My visit to the North Pole!

 And to finish, my two favourite pooches. Unfortunately Charlie isn't with us anymore, but can you believe that these two were brothers?! And I used to love showing these photos to people, starting with how happy Jester is that Christmas is coming, and then how miserable Charlie looks! 

And that's my little Christmas #tbt. Tomorrow I'm going to show you my Christmas outfit, so keep an eye out for that... 


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