Driving Home for Christmas | Blogmas Day 17


Yesterday I packed up my excessive amount of clothes, loaded up the car, and drove the hour and a half back to Wiltshire to spend the rest of my Christmas season at home. Going home for Christmas and seeing Jester-pooch again is great, but the packing up and getting ready to go isn't my favourite thing. 

For a bit of a break from the Christmas festivities while I packed and got ready, I changed the theme a little and watched 101 Dalmations, the cartoon Disney version. I hadn't watched it since I was little, and I enjoyed it so much! I did keep a little bit of Christmas in the air though, with my Christmas candles. 

The saddest bit about leaving my uni room for Christmas though is taking down the Christmas decorations early. I'm always told that it's bad luck to leave the Christmas decorations up for too long after Christmas day, but even if that's just a suspicion I still don't fancy coming back in the New Year and having to take them down. So down they came!

Once everything was packed and ready, I jumped in the car, put my Christmas music on, and hit the traffic (about ten minutes in today, not too bad). 

And here's my favourite thing about being home, anytime of the year! Saying hello again to Jester-pooch. What a gorgeous boy! 

Anyway, time to start catching up again, 

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  1. Its been years since I've watched 101 Dalmatians and you've just reminded me of it,I shall definitely be putting it on again soon xx


    1. It was so good, I'm planning to watch it again soon! One of my favourites xx


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