Dear Santa.... | Blogmas Day 4


Dear Santa...

This year has been a rollercoaster, but I've stayed super good through it all (I think!). I'm being a good student and working hard everyday... well, I've been going into uni.. and sitting with my friends.. but, anyway! Because I've been so good I would just like to send you my Christmas Wishlist well in advance this year, just to give you a chance to start shopping. For Christmas this year, I would like...

A new bag
I'm thinking a mix-up of a handbag and a night-bag. My clutch bags are too small for using during the day, but my normal handbag is so big... I'd like a bag that is in between the two. Basically, room enough for my purse, my phone, and my keys.

A day off
Everyday I'm rowing, training, uni-working... one day off for Christmas would be lovely, Santa, please.

A winning scratch card
This is a big one, Santa! I've got bills to pay, race fees coming in, ASOS jumpers with my name on them... a winning scratch card could make a big difference to all these things.

One of those light box thingys that bloggers have
You know, those light boxes where you stick the letters on them. One of those things would be perfect for the background of my blog posts.

A sunny holiday
I asked for this last year, and got it, even though it was slightly delayed (Cornwall, in July). This year I'm thinking along the lines of Hawaii, or Bora Bora. I mean, anywhere will do, as long as there's sunshine and a beach.

The perfect Christmas prezzies for everyone else (from me)
I'm going to need this one in advance, Santa! Everyone is super hard to buy for this year, so if you could sort it for me, or even just give me some tips, that would be great!

And that's it Santa. Not a long list this year, I'm not too fussy, just the essentials! 

Thanks in advance,

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