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Being at uni at Christmas is great! You're with your friends, there's always something going on... but it can be a bit sad at times, thinking about everything at home that you're missing out on. Whenever I get back from uni my house is all warm and Christmas-ed up, and it's great. But while you're waiting for the term to end, you just have to watch the Snapchats, get the photo messages, and patiently wait. In the meantime, it's nice to decorate your uni room a little, to make it feel like Christmas at home!

This year I've lit up the Christmas Yankee Candles. The scents I've gone for are Christmas Tree, Christmas Cupcake, and Cinnamon. Making your room smell like Christmas is a good place to start! 

I, as a student, and especially a final year student, have found my Christmas decoration buying fund less and less, so this year I hit up Poundland. Their Christmas decorations are on point this year, I spent ages browsing around the store picking up bits and bobs. And it all came to about a fiver. Amazing! (From Poundland: Let it Snow cushion, Hearts and Pine Cone wall hanging, Paper stars, Merry Christmas Banner, Star Fairy Lights)

I've had this old reindeer throw for years, I can't even remember when or where I bought it! But a Christmas throw is a really effective touch to add to your cosy Christmas den, it makes such a huge difference for not much effort. Teamed with my white bedsheets and Christmas themed cushion, it made my bed look so inviting, such a dream to come home to every cold, wintery night!

And a touch you can't go wrong with - fairy lights! I've accumulated quite a few strings of fairy lights over the years, but this year I treated myself to a new set of star fairy lights, for an extra Christmassy feel. And if, like me, you worry about the electric bill, go with ones like these which are battery operated. You pay for the batteries, and when they run out, they run out. No extra costs!

I can't wait to go home for Christmas this year, but until then I'm quite happy to cuddle up in my Christmassy uni-room den. I hope you're busy transforming your home/room into a Winter Wonderland as well!

Night night,

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