Christmas Traditions in my Home | Blogmas Day 11


I can't wait to go home for Christmas this year, I'm so ready to have a catchup with everyone and give Jester-pooch and Saski-cat a big cuddle! Like everyone else, we have Christmas routines and traditions that we go to every year, and I thought I'd spent one of my Blogmas days sharing it with you guys. What are your Christmas traditions? 

Christmas Eve we always go to my Uncle's house with my mum's side of the family. We used to go to my Granny's on boxing day, which then changed to Christmas Eve, which has now changed again to my Uncle's house. But it's lovely, we have a warming casserole meal of some sort, watch cheesy pre-Christmas television and watch the kiddies in the family play with a few prezzies. 

I'll usually go out in Devizes with a few of my home friends. A few year's ago we attempted the '12 Pubs of Christmas' challenge, where you go to 12 different pubs around the town having a drink in each... but we kind of took too long getting started and made it to about four by the time they stopped serving! It was a good night though - we managed to convince one of of friends that we would do fancy dress, he showed up in a Pikachu onesie and none of us did... although, I love fancy dress, and I did convince myself to dye my hair green and wear some tinsel to be a Christmas tree. 

Christmas day is a relaxing day in my house! I wake up in the morning at my mum's house. We're all still children, and we all sit on my mum's bed opening our Christmas stockings that we find on our bedroom doors. It's always useful, and quirky gifts in our stockings, like nice shampoo and sweeties. Jester usually helps with the wrapping paper too. 

Then, we all head downstairs to have biscuits and tea for breakfast, and start opening our prezzies from under the tree. We all go round taking it in turns. Around midmorning my Granny will arrive, and we open our presents from her and give her ours, then have a little Christmas catchup. 

After that I head to my dad's. By this time it's usually lunchtime. I'll help with things like the sprouts and stuffing, while dad does the important things like the turkey. We sit down and have lunch, wearing our Christmas cracker hats, and read out the cracker jokes and things. Dad will have a Christmas pudding for one, and I'll go with a Melt in the Middle chocolate sponge pudding or something, as I don't like Christmas pudding. 

After lunch we go into the living room and open our prezzies, cats and all. After this we watch some Christmas telly and maybe a film. Supper is leftover cold turkey, with mini sausage rolls, gammon slices, and snacks. It's one of my favourite parts of Christmas day! 

In the evening we'll have a few more jokey prezzies, which we always say are 'from the tree', for some reason I don't really know. And that's Christmas day done!

Hurry up, Christmas, 

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