Christmas Jumper Look Book | Blogmas Day 10


I can't believe we're on day 10 of Blogmas already! Where is December going? I don't know if I've mentioned this already or not but... I have a bit of an obsession with Christmas jumpers. This year is the first year I haven't bought a new one in I don't know how long! I thought, seeing as we're far enough into December for it to be okay now, that I would share a few of my jumpers with you. This isn't really a 'look at my outfit' post, it's more of a 'look at my lovely/tacky Christmas jumpers' post. 

This is a thin jumper rather than a cosy jumper. I bought it year's ago from Topshop, and it's my favourite one to wear to Christmas parties and meals, and more often than not it's my actual Christmas day jumper. 

This jumper is tacky Christmas Jumper fashion at it's best! A knitted Christmas cat, with a furry tummy and jingly bells on its collar. Classic. 

This was a men's jumper from River Island. It reminds me of the old jumpers my dad used to have, and it's so big and cosy. 

I didn't actually buy this jumper... we hosted a Christmas party a couple of years ago and someone left it at our house. I messaged the group, no one claimed it, and it got added to my collection. It's definitely become one of my favourites though, look at the naughty polar bear! 

And finally, the first Christmas jumper I ever bought. Again, it's from the men's section (I can't remember which shop though), and it's my favourite, favourite, mainly just because it was my first. 

And that's a few of my Christmas jumpers. I always think that when it comes to Christmas jumpers, the tackier the better, especially for Christmas meals and parties, and most of the time I tend to go towards men's jumpers. 

Stay cosy!

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