Christmas Film Day | Blogmas Day 12


After my Christmas themed night out last night (look out for the blog post about that tomorrow), and a few Prosecco's too many after the turkey roast, today was a write off day for me. The curtains stayed shut, my pyjamas didn't come off once, and everything was set to silent (I don't need to be seeing any photos from last night just yet!). To keep myself festive spirit up, I set up a queue of Christmas films on my laptop, and served myself a helping of lightly salted crisps and mini Yule logs. Here's the films I watched...

1. Love Actually
Of course Love Actually is on the list, it's one of the best Christmas films. So many happy endings and love stories, how lovely. 

2. The Holiday
One of my favourite festive films. I love Jude Law's little family in this film, and Kate Winslet is amazing. 

3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 
This film is hilarious. My dad and I watch this on Christmas day every year, after eating too much turkey and pigs in blankets. 

4. Home Alone
I'll admit... I've just put this one on and I've never seen it before! Watch this space... 

And after that I'm just about ready to fall straight back to sleep again! Honestly, Christmas jumpers don't make the hangover any less tedious! 

Until tomorrow, 

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