Christmas Eve Bedtime Routine | Blogmas Day 24


I can always remember Christmas Eve when I was little as such an exciting night! The day was like any other day, but when everyone got home from work it turned into something really special. We had family over, opened a few pre-Christmas Day presents, and always went to bed, leaving a plate of mince pies, a pint of beer for Santa, a plate of carrots for Rudolph and co., and hanging my stocking on my door on my way through. Now I'm older I don't go through all the same habits, but it's still an exciting night, filled with my own new little traditions... 

I always work Christmas Eve, I hate being at home. I like to be out of the house, busy and not thinking about all the things I've forgotten to do - if I'm at work and I've forgotten it, it's too late anyway! After work, I'll go straight to my Uncle's house where we have a little family evening with my Granny and cousin. We have something like a casserole or lasagne, and all sit around the log fire. 

After that we head home. A few years I've gone for drinks with friends in the local pub, but I don't always find time (although, it is one of my favourite things to do on Christmas Eve, donning a Christmas jumper and all). Whether I go out or not, when I get home the first thing I do is make myself a hot chocolate... not a Malibu one though, I might add! 

When it's bedtime, I put on some slightly Christmassy pyjamas (this year it's my star shorty pyjamas from H&M), make a hot water bottle, and hang my stocking up on my bedroom door, a tradition that we still do in our house. Once I'm in bed, I always watch the Family Guy Christmas special, "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas". I can never bring myself to watch this episode any other time than Christmas Eve, but I can't go to sleep without it on this night. 

And after that, it's time for sleep! A quick squirt of the usual lavender pillow mist, take off my make up and snuggle in with Eeyore (my hot water bottle cover, in case you were wondering), ready to wake up bright and fresh tomorrow morning. 

I hope you're having a lovely Christmas Eve, and enjoying all your own traditions. And don't forgot, if you can't sleep tonight, at least pretend... otherwise Santa won't leave you any prezzies! ;) 

Night night, 

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