Christmas at Uni | Blogmas Day 5


Christmas is one of the best times to be at uni, I love it every year! Especially being in Bournemouth, spending the festive season next to the seaside was a very strange change for me, but once it grows on you it's the best! Fellow students will get me when I say that there's so many things about being at uni around Christmas, but this is my list list of things that I love most about it...

1. Christmas lunch with the housemates
Last year my housemates and I cooked ourselves a big Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. This year we're looking at booking ourselves into a pub or restaurant for a dinner. As long as there's crackers and pigs-in-blankets, I'm not fussy! 

2. When they start playing Christmas songs in the student centre 
Nothing puts you off studying like Christmas music blaring out in the background... but it's so worth it! 

3. Christmas market visits
Bournemouth has a small, but very cute Christmas market, complete with a temporary pub that serves mulled wine in tiny bootie shaped mugs. It's the only place to be in Bournemouth at Christmas time. 

4. Christmas themed nights out
Nothing beats a club night out than being dressed in a cringy Christmas jumper or dressed as a reindeer. 

5. Chilly walks to uni 
As long as you've dressed up complete with scarf, coat, gloves, and bobble hat, a chilly walk to uni can be quite refreshing. 

6. Decorating your uni room
You can make your uni room look so festive and cosy, and it doesn't always cost a lot of money. Just make sure you take the decorations down before you go home for Christmas - it's unlucky to leave them up for more than 12 days after Christmas! Check out my uni room decorating post to see what I've done this year...

7. Goodbye drinks for the Christmas hols 
You're not going to be seeing your friends for a few weeks now, and that's sad. But the leaving hot chocolate meetings you have with them beforehand makes it a little less harder to bear... 

And that's my few favourites things about being at uni during the festive season. This is my last Christmas I'll be spending at uni, and I'm trying to make the most of it this year! I can't wait to go home and see everyone in Wiltshire for a few weeks, but I will miss my uni friends so much! 

Here's to the next Christmassy few weeks, 

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