Bournemouth Christmas Market | Blogmas Day 14


On a very wet and rainy Saturday last weekend, my dad came down to Bournemouth to visit me, and we headed to the Bournemouth Christmas Market. The weather was so miserable, it didn't exactly throw us in the Christmas mood, but nonetheless I still love a good Christmas market.

There's nothing like wrapping up warm in a Christmas scarf... this one is from River Island, I bought it year's ago, but it's so long and cosy! I highly recommend investing in one! Plus, I think the pink goes rather well with the blue hair, don't you...

I know this post doesn't really give off the Christmas spirit, what with all the rain and gloominess, but the Bournemouth Christmas market is so cute! I must come clean... I may have paid it another visit last night when it was less miserable weather, treated myself to a Bratwurst, and had a hot chocolate at the Moose Bar. Honestly, if you're in the area, stop by! 

Tomorrow night is another Christmas themed social night out, so no promises on the state of my post on Thursday! 

Until then,

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