5 Online Shops for Quirky Gifts | Blogmas Day 6


I've got a few quirky people and secret Santa prezzies to buy this year that require a little bit of thinking outside the gift-box (heyoo!). I've been on one shopping trip around town, but sometimes the usual shops just don't cut it. Sometimes you need to look on the internet for something a little bit more unusual or unique. Here's my list of websites that I'm looking at this year for my quirky gift ideas...

1. Not on the High Street
This is a super popular website that you've probably heard of or used already at some point. They do all sorts of interesting gifts, mainly it's a great place to find stocking fillers and secret Santa's. There's also lot's of gift ideas that you can personalise or change when you order them to make them even more unique for the person you're buying for. 

2. Firebox
A lot like Not on the High Street, but this website has some more cheeky (and rude) prezzies, which are great fun for a secret Santa. I spent ages going through this website, and more thinking about who I could give things to, rather than what I could get for who. 

3. Tiger
By far the website with the best Christmas theme! They play Jingle Bells and play you a little animation, it's so cute! Tiger recently opened up a new store in Bournemouth, and I've loved it ever since. Think an Ikea but for gadgets, stationery, food stuffs, pet accessories... and loads  more. Such a random but amazing little shop! 

4. I Want One Of Those
There are some really cute gift ideas on this website, especially in the Gifts for Her section... I had to avoid it so that I didn't spend any of my Christmas shopping money on gifts for myself. 

5. The Sock Drawer
And finally, everyone has someone who would love a tacky pair of socks for Christmas. But The Sock Drawer actually has some nice socks as well, so you get the choice of both. 

And that's five online shops I'll be using to buy prezzies for my quirkier friends and family who need more than a box of chocolates or a bottle of something. Where are you shopping this year? 

Back to the internet I go, 

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