Winter Bucket List 2016


Me, being my unorganised self, had an Autumn bucket list all ready to go, and just like that, half of the season was already gone! Last year I wrote myself a little 'Things I'd Like to do this Winter' post, and after the success of this year's Summer bucket list, I decided to try again. I've stolen a few from my previous Winter list, either because I didn't do them or I'd like to do them again (i.e. buying new boots!).

1. Have a Malibu Hot Chocolate
This was on last year's list, and then my dad gave me a Malibu-Hot Chocolate making kit for Christmas. Well, it's still in my cupboard, waiting to be made, and this year is the year! Final year uni life, drinking Malibu in the afternoon...
2. Treat myself to cosy days in
This suits any time of the year, but I can already predict that at some point I'm going to catch another cold (it's what I do best) and have a major down day that requires a bit of a furry throw and cosy-up kind of a day. 

3.Invest in a new pair of Winter boots
Time to start looking on Pinterest for some inspiration.... 

4. Have Christmas dinner with my housemates
Christmas jumpers, turkey, pigs in blankets... the works! 

5. Go to a Christmas market
Bournemouth has a lovely little Christmas market every year, and I've never really been properly. This year is my last year as a Bournemouth student, so it would only be right to pop down and treat myself to a mulled wine in the Moose Bar, right? 

6. Go on a seasonal stroll
Jester pooch, get your jacket and lead on... 

7. Have a Christmas film day
Any recomendations? And The Holiday goes without saying... 

And that's that so far. If I think of any others, I'll add them to the list later, but knowing how unorganised I am, seven seems like plenty for me to get one with! 

What's on your bucket list this Winter?

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