October Favourites


I don't do monthly favourite posts very often, mostly because I forget about them until the end of the month, then can't remember enough things that I loved. But last month there were a couple of things that I wanted to share, so I thought for once I'd do an October Favourites post. 

1. Vanilla Scented Candle
I can't tell you anything about this candle, other than it makes my room smell divine! I had it going for a couple of hours yesterday and my housemates even remarked how lovely my room was smelling as they walked past. This candle was a present from my best friend, Chelsea, in a little goody bag to me and her sister on her wedding day, so I love it so much for that as well. I'm not usually a fan of sweet smelling candles, I prefer floral scents, but this one is just amazing! 

2. Asos Jumper
I think you've seen this before in an Asos Haul post, but I've worn this jumper pretty much every other day since I bought it. It's so comfy and warm! It's a cape jumper as well, which means there's tons of room inside. I love a good knitted jumper! 

3.  My Weekly Planner
I've probably mentioned this before as well, but this month it's really come into its own! I lost my diary, which threw me completely off track... I forgot about an opticians appointment and felt awful for the rest of the day about it! So, I've started writing down my weekly plans on this pad instead, and it's so useful! Plus, a little shout-out to my new multicolored Bic pen, which I use for everything at the moment! 

4. Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick
This has become my night out lipstick for every night out since I bought it. It's such a bright, fun colour, and goes really well with a more simple make up look. I used it to make a neutral colour outfit a bit brighter, and even used it when I was a bridesmaid at Chelsea's wedding. It's called Sexy Mother Pucker (which I love as well) from Soap and Glory, in shade Fired Up.

5. Animal Biscuits
This is a guilty pleasure that's come back in force. I wanted to buy myself a little treat to have after we'd raced last weekend (oh, we raced last weekend btw), something chocolatey but not too heavy, and this is what I settled on. I used to have a packet of animal biscuits in my lunchbox everyday at school as a treat, and they are so yummy! 

6. Kings of Leon
They brought out a new album, and I was so excited! I realised that it was on Spotify when I was sat in the library having a fairly unproductive study session, and everything stopped so I could have a listen. It's so good!

I'm so looking forward to leaving the house today, as you can probably tell from the lighting in the photos, it's a really sunny day outside. This is my favourite sort of a day - sunny but chilly enough to wear a bobble hat. Amazing! 

Wrap up warm!

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