November Favourites


It's been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week, but there's a reason, which I'll share soon! In the meantime, I've gathered together a few of my favourite things from November. November is one of my favourite months anyway... everything's starting to get Christmassy, the bobble hats come out, and the walk to uni is so much more fun when there's crunchy leaves to jump through. You appreciate coming home to your warm house and a cup of tea so much more when it's chilly outside, don't you!

1. Hand Warmers
With all the training we do outside for rowing during Winter, these things come in extra handy (no pun intended), especially on race days. I pop one of these hand warmers inside each glove or in my pocket and my hands are warm for a while. They're such a Winter lifesaver. I haven't worked out how to reuse them yet, something about boiling them in a pan or something? Any ideas, please comment! 

2. Soap and Glory Body Butter
Soap and Glory appeared on my October Favourites list too, but this body butter is such an easy way to treat yourself to a quick pamper. I just rub a little bit on my legs and arms after I've jumped out the shower to make my skin smoothy-smooth, and it smells great. 

3. Vaseline
This is a Winter lifesaver! My lips get so dry and chapped when the weather turns cold, and it's so painful when they keep splitting. I treated myself to all sorts of different lip balms and creams, but it's always Vaseline that I go back to. 

4. Christmas Scarf
It's a little bit too early for the Christmas jumpers at the moment, but a Christmas scarf is a start. I've had this scarf for years, and it's so warm. It's long, so you can wrap it round a good few times and tie it in a knot for extra warmth. 

5. Midsummer Night Candle
This is a Yankee candle, and it's been my Autumn candle this year. I bought it as a sample candle, so it wasn't in a jar or anything. I popped it in a candle holder from the range that I'd bought for my tealights, and as it's melted the wax has spread itself out, making it last three times as long! 

6. Smile - Mikky Ekko 
Not a new song, but I rediscovered this song this week, and I've been listening to it non-stop ever since. The start of the week was a bit eventful and just one of those weeks when you feel like you'd be better off sitting in your room getting work done rather than going outside, and this song is so upbeat that it brought my mood right back up again. I highly recommend if you're ever having a down day! Listen and prepare to feel empowered! 

It's nearly time for Autumn to end and Winter to begin... to be honest, I'm never really sure when the switchover happens, but it's so exciting that Christmas season is coming! It's going to be a busy few weeks now, but more about that soon! 

Keep an eye on the blog, 

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