I Can't Sleep!


Do you ever have one of those nights, where you're so tired you could collapse, but whatever you do you just can't get to sleep? Well, last night was one of those nights for me. And it was depressing! The more I couldn't sleep, the more I thought about not sleeping, and the more frustrated and grumpy I got. After I got out of my little grumpy hole of sleepless-ness, I did a few little things to try and help myself to sleep...

Whenever I can't sleep, there's always one thing I avoid... getting out of bed! If I leave my bed, I've basically admitted defeat by waking up, and that is not a good move! Instead, I nest up, wrap my blankets up around my head so I'm completely cocooned in, and puff my pillows up so I'm all nice and cosy. If I've made myself a hot water bottle (which I usually probably have!) I give it a big cuddle, and just generally make myself all warm and nice.

I'll give my pillows a spritz of my Avon lavender pillow mist. Lavender is so relaxing if you're trying to sleep, although, I did look this up today, and apparently it helps women and young people slip into proper sleep, but it has a reverse effect on men! I don't know if this is true or not though... but the lavender pillow mist always makes me feel sleepy and refreshed... and makes your pillows smell great at the same time! 

If I'm really struggling to sleep I read a couple of pages of my book. I'm currently on the next James Bond book, 'Moonraker'. I haven't read past the first page yet, but whatever book it is, I always find that reading gets me all sleepy and ready to nod off. Personally, I don't find the same effect with reading a magazine or anything else. Another note is that if I'm struggling to sleep I ban looking at my iPad or my laptop. If I start looking at a YouTube video I'm lost to it for the rest of the night... 

The one thing I do let myself do is use my Spotify on my phone. I used to have a sleepy playlist on my phone, but I deleted it to make more space (probably so I could download Just Eat and order takeaway... sigh!). Now I just search for a sleepy playlist on the Browse section of Spotify. There's even a specific section in the  Moods bit called 'Sleep', where you can find rainforest noise playlists and ocean playlists. I like the sounds of the rain storms, especially when I'm all cosy in my bed. (I did find a rather creepy playlist called White Noise, which just sounds like an untuned radio. There's even some that last for an hour, very unnerving.)  

And hopefully by then I've drifted off to sleep. If not, my only other move is to lay comfy, listening to my music with my eyes closed until I fall asleep, and it usually works. The one thing I always (try!) to do is go to bed with no worries. If there's something that's really worrying me I talk to someone about it before I go to bed, and try and get it sorted so I don't lay in bed thinking about it.

Nighty night, 

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