Hello, Monday!


Mondays are hard! Sunday is always such a chill day (well, they are after training for me at least), by the time I get to Monday morning I'm so not ready for another week to start. This week was a whole new Monday-feeling for me. I had a super busy Sunday training with rowing, and arrived home in one of those grumpy moods where all I want to do is eat chocolate, have a bath, and for someone to give me a cuddle (girls, you'll know the feeling, if you know what I mean). But, there's no stopping Monday!

I always have to make sure that I get up out of bed as soon as possible, otherwise I'm stuck for the day. The longer you spend 'trying' to get out of bed rather than actually getting out of bed, the harder it will be. This morning especially, I could hear the storm outside, my bedroom outside my bed was freezing, and all I wanted to do was stay snuggled up in my furry throw and watch YouTube videos. But I drowned out all of that, dragged myself out of bed, and jumped in a lovely warm shower. 

Once I was up and dressed, the first job I always do on a Monday morning is write up my plan for the week. I can't mention my weekly planner enough, I've mentioned it in several previous posts, including my October Favourites post. I have a new multi-colored pen as well, so I use a different colour for each different task. Blue for training, purple for uni, pink for blogging, and green for social things. This is a whole new level of organisation!

And, seeing as Monday is the start of the week, I like to spend a little bit of time getting ready to leave the house. I do my makeup, might use some nice-smelling hand cream as a treat, and make sure I'm feeling all girly and fresh. Lovely jubbly! 

Bring it on, Monday!

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