Having a Cosy Day - Winter Bucket List Update


This week has been a real downer week for me. I was ill at the start of the week, ended up on antibiotics, had a rubbish night out on Wednesday (drunk regrets, we've all been there, right?), and just generally been mooching around feeling a little bit sorry for myself. Well, tomorrow is the start of a brand new week, so I thought now would be the perfect time to sit down, chill the hell out, and re-energize myself ready to start again! Here's my essentials for a cosy day... 

1. Dressing Gown
You can't beat a dressing gown day. I always start my cosy day with a bath or a shower, and sometimes throw in a hair wash as well, and after that there's a no-clothes rule (oo-er!). I put my comfiest pyjamas back on, and wrap up warm with a dressing gown for the day.

2. Candles
I'm still burning my way through my current favourite Vanilla flavoured (flavoured? Do you say flavoured for a candle?) candle from Chelsea, but I've also started a new one. It's a Yankee candle called Midsummer Night, and it's yummy (again, with the eating themed words). 

3. Comfy Cushion
My Ikea cushions are by far my favourite cushions, they're so squishy. Before I start my cosy day I like to create a little nest for myself with my cushions, my throw and all my cosy day ingredients.

4. Earl Grey Tea
On my cost days I always think it's good to go for a cup of tea over a hot chocolate, or something so indulgent. It makes me feel like I'm being good to myself, but still drinking a bit healthier. 

5. Face Mask
Today's face mask was another prezzie from Chelsea on her wedding day, and my first experience with a non-creamy face mask. This one smells amazing, so fruity and fresh. 

6. Baby Oil
After I get out the shower and before I've dried off, I like to rub some Johnson's Baby Oil on my legs and arms. It makes them so silky smooth.

7. Body Lotion
On my legs I use a body lotion, like the Body Shop White Musk body lotion, which you can also match with their white musk shower gel. Smells so good! 

8. Body Spray
When I'm pampering but not going out I don't fancy overpowering myself with perfume, so I use this Fcuk body spray instead. 

9. Foot Cream
I don't like to leave my feet out! This Planet Spa cream is from Avon, and it's great. I suffer from dry skin on my feet and elbows when I get stressed, so it usually fits right into a cosy day at the end of a stressful week. 

10. Cosy Socks
After putting the cream on my feet I like to cover them. I would usually recommend investing in some cotton socks for this, but on my Wintery cosy day I was much more feeling a fluffy sock day. These ones are from Primark, and come in a two-pack. 

11. Lip Balm
You can't beat the old Vaseline lip therapy tins, I've been using them since I was at school. Today I used the Aloe Vera version in the green tin. 

12. Sally Henson Nail Strengthener 
As you probably know, I'm trying to grow my nails at the moment. As a last little treat to myself, I sit down and paint this Sally Henson Strong as Nails nail strengthener on my nails. It gives your nails a real boost, they grow so much faster, as well as giving them a lovely shine. 

13. Films
I gave in today and settled down with Love, Rosie again, it's so good! After I moved on to some easy Disney films, and finished on Coming to America.

 And that's the very lovely end to my very downer week. I always think it's so important to make sure you look after yourself, and pick yourself up with a little treat day when you're feeling a bit deflated, and don't let it overide you. Especially at the end of the week, it really does me so much good to go into the next week with a fresh, stress-free mind.

I learnt a new quote today, which I think is amazing, and I'll finish on...

"If it's not going to matter in five years, don't spend more than 5 minutes upset by it"

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