5 Resolutions for the Rest of 2016


It's been a while since I thought about my New Year's Resolutions for 2016... in fact, I forgot about them pretty much straight after posting them! One update I can give you is, although it's kind of strange looking, I have now stopped biting five of my nails. Yes, five. And not all on one hand either, my thumbs, index fingers, and one of my middle fingers. Very random, but I'm hoping to work my way through the rest gradually. Anyway.... 

I saw a post a little while ago that was someone's resolutions for the rest of the year, and I thought, with just a couple of month's left to go, I'd have a little sit down and think about what mine would be for the rest of 2016...

1. Make myself happy
I love my friends, they mean the world to me and every one of them is amazing. But I want to master the art of making myself happy without having to rely on others. I don't mean because they don't already make me happy or that I want to be able to live without them, but I mean that I don't want to have to constantly burden my friends with my problems or presence (wow, this sounds way more brutal than I mean it to!). Basically this is just an excuse to buy myself chocolate and have hot baths. Speaking of chocolate...
2. Get my healthy eating back on track
I've been eating terribly since I've been back at uni. I treat myself to too many study treat (Twirl bites, I'm looking at you!) and get home too late to have the patience to cook myself a banger of a meal, so it's just a quick chicken nuggets in the oven job, or takeaway. Time to start meal planning, I feel! 

3. Keep calm and carry on
Now I'm in my final year at uni, my biggest stress is the dreaded dissertation. I won't lie... I haven't really started yet, or at least made a bold attempt at it, but I know from having friends last year who were on their final year, that it can get very stressful very quickly. For the rest of 2016 at least I want to keep all calm, not stress out about it, and just make sure I carry on working so I don't have to bog myself down with it next year. Better get writing I guess... right after this blog post!
4.  Watch more films
A little treat resolution thrown in the mix. I've been using my Netflix to catch up on TV shows but ignoring all the films... until I watched 'Love, Rosie' at the weekend. I LOVED it! Honestly, it's probably one of my new favourite films. And it's inspired me! Any recommendations? 

5. Stop biting at least 3 more nails
See above, this is going to take a lot of effort! Especially if number 3 doesn't go well! 

And that's that for the next couple of months. Soon it'll be time to start Christmas blogging, and then after that it's time for even more resolutions, all ready for 2017. So scary how this year has flown by! But for now, it's these five resolutions...

Wish me luck, 

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