Think Pink!


Hair update! I've (finally) taken the plunge, jumped the band wagon, and livened up my look a little. I've gone pink! Since being a fresher I've been looking at the pastel colour hair dyes in Superdrug and wondering which colour to go first. I think at one point I even bought a lilac hair dye, but my hair was too dark to dye at the time. But, being my final year at uni, I thought that this might be the last year where I don't have a job that doesn't let me play with my hair colour, so I might as well give it a go and have some fun with it while I can!

Admittedly, it didn't go as pink or as all-over as I thought it would, but it's a good place to start I feel. Plus, I kind of like the blonde bits that didn't take the colour mixed in with the pink bits... 

The dye I used this time was the Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Colour Toner in Pink. It was super easy to use, you literally just whack it one after you've shampooed your hair, put a plastic bag over your hair, and leave it for half an hour. I found it much easier to use than normal hair dyes, however it was a bit harder to make sure it had covered every bit of hair. 

I love my new pink hair, what do you think? And what colour should I go next?!  Hmm, decisions...

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