Easy Halloween Look 2 - 'It's Been a Bad Day'



This is another quick and easy make-up look for Halloween, and I love this look. It's so easy, and doesn't need a lot of extra work outfit wise to make it work, maybe just a ripped t-shirt covered in fake blood. Simples! 

To make the bullet hole, use the black eyeshadow to make an uneven round shape on your forehead, smudging the edges to make it look like a realistic bruise. 

Use the black liquid eyeliner to draw a round circular shape within the 'bruise', which is your bullet hole. Don't worry if it gets too covered up in the next steps, if you want you can redraw it on later. 

Use the white eyeliner pencil to add some lighter areas to it, and make it look more 3D. I just drew a rounded line along the bottom edge of the bullet hole, and a little dot in the middle more.

To make the blood trail, draw a wiggly line from the bullet hole and down your nose to wherever you'd like it to go. I stopped at the end of my nose. You can smudge this a little, or use more lipstick in random areas to make it look like the blood ran different in different parts. 

To make the bruise look even better, whack on some random patches of red lipstick on it, and blend it in with your finger, just by lightly dabbing it in. This is something I discovered last year, when I did my zombie make up, and it works a treat! 

That's the bullet hole all finished, now onto the lips. First, I drew on a patch of red lipstick on the edge of my bottom lip, and another patch on the top lip, just above it, so that it looks like a cut lip. 

To give it a bit of dimension (ooh, fancy!) I used the black eyeshadow to add some shading on one side of either red patch, and just blurred it slightly using my finger. After this stage, I added a bit more red on top so that it was the main part.

And to finish the make up I bruised up my eyes a little using the black eyeshadow and red lipstick method - just cover your eyelids and the area under your eyes with black eyeshadow, and dab on some red lipstick, and blend.

And this is the finished look. I love this look for Halloween, I think it looks so grim, but it's so easy! For the finished look I just roughed up my hair and added a fake-blood covered, ripped t-shirt from Primark. If I was going out-out, I would also have been tempted to clip some weeds and leaves from the garden in my hair, just to make it look like I'd been out in the rough... 

And that's that for another look this year. Look out for my pumpkin carving, hopefully that'll be up tomorrow... but it's looking like a busy weekend, so fingers crossed! Let me know what you're going as for Halloween, I'd love to get some new inspiration!

Thanks, as always, 

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